Basking in a showery day's sunshine, I am the rainbow's
cavorting child

Orveli is both a hand-crafted puppet and a pseudonym, created as the artist’s self-portrait. This webpage’s purpose is to illustrate both Orveli’s artistic versatility and his multi-faceted personality. These pages offer you the first bite of the fruits of Orveli’s cornucopia. In a true Renaissance manner, he is a man blessed with multiple gifts, including artistic and poetic talent spiced by a healthy dose of creative insanity. He can undoubtedly be labeled an innovator, an inventor, a challenger of status quo, and an adventurer. This artist’s visionary capabilities have always allowed his perception to reach twenty years ahead of his contemporaries.

Distance is a matter of numbers – not of the heart!
Closeness is a matter of the heart – not of numbers!

Orveli’s visual art and poetry mirror his natural tendencies towards philanthropy and environmentalism. He is a lonely wolf at heart, which makes him a somewhat difficult person to approach and know intimately. His artworks display various global influences and carry echoes of a lifetime of international work.

Our world is a canvas coloured by our experiences

Orveli is unafraid to creatively experiment with different techniques in pencil, charcoal, pastel, mosaic and environmental art. He has also sculpted artworks from both wood and iron. Orveli has made several forays into industrial design; his handiwork is visible in several pieces of furniture, jewelry, clothing and architectural design. His pen also produced several articles about design management.

Life lingers in the soul of words

His poetry – which encompasses several fields of life – has been assembled along several decades. He has published the poetry compilations Runot ja taide (1994) and Olen yöni siivet (2002), and has also composed several yet unpublished works. His poems are perceptive commentaries on varying subjects, such as environment, politics, religion, humanity, love and eroticism, life, work and death.

This artist - a Doctor of Science in Technology, with a lifelong career in international entrepreneurship – has always been and will always remain an Orveli at heart.